Socially Financed

Socially Financed

We're a group of fintech operators, investors, and entrepreneurs with hard-won experience building financial services and technology businesses. We leverage our network and expertise to identify and, most importantly, support early stage entrepreneurs that are transforming financial services.

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About Us



Albert Cheng

Product exec and ex-entrepreneur who loves supporting passionate founders.

Deep experience across fintech (SoFi, New Wave) and consumer (YouTube, Duolingo, Chariot). I've made over 40 startup investments and am always happy to share insights and my network.


Stephen Sikes

COO of Responsible for operations, revenue, customer support, legal, compliance, and risk (among many other things).

Formerly SoFi Invest business lead & founding team member, McKinsey engagement manager focused on growth & digital strategies for financial services companies, and US Army Cavalry officer.


Aaron Larue

CTO of EasyKnock.

Previously Co-founder @ Balance Homes (Acquired by EasyKnock), Product Leader @ Zillow, SoFi & Clara Lending (Acquired by SoFi).

Excited about remote work. Film nerd at heart. Amateur pit master. Occasional writer.


Our members include operators from across the Fintech universe, many of our co-investors, and most of our founders. If you’re interested in joining, get in touch!




If you are a prospective partner, founder, vc, or anyone else, we would love to hear from you -

Investing in early-stage companies has significant risk. Socially Financed vehicles are only open to accredited investors.

Socially Financed has no affiliation with Public Holdings Inc, Open to the Public Investing Inc, Social Finance, Inc (SoFi) or any subsidiary or related entity

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